Although for now the crisis with COVID-19 has made travelling a struggle, you can still think of places you might like to visit when we come out of this crisis ( we will come out- nothing is permanent, not even the bad times).


You do not have to fly out the country to travel and see the world.


Be it going to a new town or finding a new area in your city, travelling is one of the things you can do to take time out and basically hit that pause button to re-charge yourself. You don't have to go far or get on a plane. Am sure there are places in your own city/country you have probably never been to.

If travelling is  not for you, find something else. The goal is to find a fun and enjoyable self care activity that makes you feel good and gives you some balance in life.

Travelling is something I like to do and here are some places I have enjoyed visiting on my own or at times with friends. Solo travelling can be fun! so if travelling is your thing, try it out solo ( or bring a friend) and do a weekend away somewhere.

Where will your next trip be?


Go and create your own


memories....tomorrow is not

promised to anyone of us.

Great memories can be made



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