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Good health is wealth!

You cannot take your health for granted. Taking care of yourself is a number of things, one of them is about feeding and treating your body well. This does not mean living a diet only kind of life. 


Don't limit yourself to enjoying the wonderful world of food! No matter what health goals you have, when it comes to food, it's all about balance not perfection, so enjoy your journey to health. 

Feel free to share your comments, recipes and tips. 


Homemade Green Smoothie

Don't get green with envy, get green with a smoothie. For those of us who struggle to get our 2 a day in, let alone here to help! This was VERY tasty, sweet and no added sugar/preservatives.

Blend together:

1 banana

Some spinach (2-3 handfuls is fine)

Squeeze half a lime (or lemon) squeeze more if you want extra of that citrus flavour

2-3 pineapple pieces (tinned or fresh)

Add some pineapple juice (juice from tinned pineapples is also fine)

Add some water

Blend it all together until you have a liquid texture and enjoy! If you prefer it really smooth you can put mixture through a strainer to remove any bits. 


Oat Pancakes at Home

For those of us who love pancakes, try some oat pancakes.

This is also a great alternative for anyone not a fan of porridge or young children who dislike porridge. 

In a blender, blend together some rolled oats to turn into a flour texture. 

Add a pinch of baking powder, salt and sugar (sugar is optional)

In a separate bowl beat 1 egg and pour the oat mixture to this (if vegan skip the egg but use a non stick pan or you will end up with a messy sticky pancake!)


Add some milk or warm water to make into a pancake paste/batter.

Heat a non stick pan and pour some of the batter- cook on each side until brown. Add some oil to the pan if things become sticky.


Optional: strawberries or fruit topping of your choice with some honey or maple syrup. 

See method here:


Boiled egg and Noodles stir fry (cooking time-20 minutes) 

Any brand of soft medium sized noodles of your choice (I used Sainsburys Quick Cook Medium noodles) 

2 eggs (or more if you prefer)

Half of a bell pepper

Ginger, Tomatoes, one garlic piece, one onion 

Frozen mixed vegetables 

Seasoning of choice (I used Tumeric powder, curry powder, black pepper)

Sauce- Reggae Regge Sauce 



In a separate pot- boil eggs until cooked.

Peal and chop into small pieces the onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and pepper.

In a wok or cooking pot, use any oil of your choice and fry these all together until slightly brown.

Add in the mixed veg and very little water. Cover and allow to steam/cook for 5 minutes. 

Add any seasoning of choice to the vegetables, then add the noodles and some salt-

Stir everything in until mixed well, if it becomes a little dry- add very little water.

Add some Reggae Reggae sauce (as much as desired) and mix everything together. Cover and let simmer for 5 minutes and serve. 


Optional drink: Squeeze some oranges to make some orange juice. 

You can use the same recipe and add some fish such as seas bass, instead of noodles and eggs 

Large sweet potato stuffed with vegetables and home made mushroom/soft cheese sauce.


Porridge does not have to be boring...So much you can do with some oats, like bake some healthy and tasty muffins or do a banana cake. Recipes can be found on Youtube...get creative with it and it's ok if they don't turn out perfect- I had a few attempts that only the pigeons could eat!!


Practice makes perfect!

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