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Happiness in Style

Do you know that how you dress your body impacts how you FEEL?


Fashion can be a vanity project can be a tool that you use to not just look good on the OUTSIDE but also feel good on the INSIDE. It's not about the price tag, or being a certain size. You can feel good regardless.

EVERYONE at some point in their life deals with some kind of insecurity. So stop comparing yourself to someone else.

We all have different body types and regardless of what yours is, you can still enjoy feeling great no matter your size. Don't try to fit your body into clothes, find clothes that best fit your body.

More style inspiration coming soon.....


You don't have to be 6 ft tall to feel 6ft tall....Feel good no matter your size!


Whatever weight or health goals you have, you can feel good about yourself by just dressing your body type in a way that best fits and flatters your body

Don't try to fit your body into certain clothes, find certain clothes that best fit your body.

Black high waisted trouser/jeggings- Zara,

Brown and Black jumper-  Marks and Spencer

Ankle boots- Next

For direct links to the clothes- see instagram page

links work at time of purchase

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