Happiness in Style

With me reaching a new decade in my life (hooray to the 30's!) I have promised to make my happiness a priority. You can do this too. Be happy, you deserve to be. Your happiness is completely personal to you.


Don't allow your happiness to be determined by someone else's definition.


One of the things I do to nourish my happiness and feel good on the inside is by taking care of myself on the outside too. For example dressing my body well. Your body is your temple- meaning value it. I have come to see fashion as a tool that can be used to not just look good but feel good too. It's not about the price tag, or being a certain size; it's about feeling good regardless.


You can dress your body well with whatever budget you have.

We all have different body types and regardless of what yours is, you can still enjoy feeling great no matter your size. Don't try to fit your body into clothes, find clothes that fit your body.

Some style inspiration coming soon....

Feel good no matter your size!


Whatever your weight or health goals find clothes that fit your body as it is not as anyone else tells you it should be!

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